C.52 PhpDocumentorTask

This task is now deprecated in favor of the Section C.53, “PhpDocumentor2Task”.

This task runs phpDocumentor, an auto-documentation tool for PHP similar to Javadoc.

Table C.74: Attributes

titleStringTitle for browser window / package index.n/aNo
destdirStringDestination directory for output files.n/aYes
targetStringAlias of destdir ("target" is config param used by PhpDocumentor)n/a
outputStringOutput format (such as HTML:Smarty:PHP).n/aYes
sourcecodeBooleanGenerate syntax-highlighted sourcecode file for each file parsed?falseNo
examplesdirStringPath to directory in which to look for example documentation.n/aNo
parseprivateBooleanParse @internal and elements marked private.falseNo
javadocdescBooleanJavaDoc-compliant description parsing. Use on/off, default off (more flexibility)falseNo
quietBooleanSuppress output to STDOUT.falseNo
packageoutputStringOutput documentation only for selected packages. Use a comma-delimited listn/aNo
ignoretagsStringComma-separated list of tags to ignore (@package, @subpackage, @access and @ignore may not be ignored).n/aNo
defaultpackagenameStringname to use for the default package. If not specified, uses 'default'n/aNo
defaultcategorynameStringname to use for the default category. If not specified, uses 'default'n/aNo
pearBooleanTreat parse dirs as PEAR repository? (package is directory, _members are @access private)falseNo
templatebaseStringSet base dirctory of all templates for this parse.n/aNo
undocumentedelementsBooleanControl whether or not warnings will be shown for undocumented elements. Useful for identifying classes and methods that haven't yet been documented.falseNo
customtagsBooleanCustom tags, will be recognized and put in tags[] instead of unknowntags[].falseNo
ignoreStringList of files to ignore, separated by ','.n/aNo

C.52.1 Example

<phpdoc title="API Documentation"
   <fileset dir="./classes">
      <include name="**/*.php" />
   <projdocfileset dir=".">
      <include name="README" />
      <include name="INSTALL" />
      <include name="CHANGELOG" />

C.52.2 Supported Nested Tags

  • fileset - Files that should be included for parsing

  • projdocfileset - Files that should be treated as README/INSTALL/CHANGELOG files