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(edit) @aab459e   4 years mrook Refs #544 - fix greedy parser
(edit) @a1ebe50   4 years mrook Refs #585 - add regression test
(edit) @4dd4012   4 years mrook Fix order of parameters
(edit) @5e93b26   4 years mrook Refs #582 - add haltonerror attribute to copy/move tasks
(edit) @bb38e60   4 years mrook Refs #583 - compare() should not cast to boolean
(edit) @5c4776b   4 years mrook Do not include all files
(edit) @b0bf5f3   4 years simple.square Refs #501: Added bootstrapper to regression test
(edit) @0440352   4 years simple.square Refs #501: Regression test build.xml added
(edit) @c7f0303   4 years simple.square Added ctags generated tags to svn:ignore
(edit) @2b7fbd4   4 years mrook Annotate with expected exception
(edit) @fcf1577   4 years simple.square GitPushTask: Added unit tests and updated the task itself
(edit) @9c416be   4 years simple.square GitPullTask: Added unit tests
(edit) @f921c48   4 years simple.square Added group and filter
(edit) @5ed0ddd   4 years simple.square GitMergeTask: updated UT build file
(edit) @c861560   4 years simple.square Expanded test-suite. UTs now cover --commit, --no-commit, and --strategy …
(edit) @e5ba105   4 years simple.square GitMergeTask: add complete test-suite
(edit) @e08e77a   4 years simple.square GitMergeTask: basic tests added
(edit) @88237da   4 years simple.square Updated UT for target component
(edit) @b67ef26   4 years simple.square Fixes #455: Passing Unit Test added
(edit) @8cc59b7   4 years simple.square Refs #455: Added testing build files for Target component
(edit) @b4d9f82   4 years simple.square Updated phpunit.xml config file
(edit) @7292f6c   4 years simple.square Fixes #559: Property value of existing user property is updated now Patch …
(edit) @e4c4c48   4 years simple.square GitTasksTests: removed unnecessary references to mock objects
(edit) @ba18205   4 years simple.square Added phpunit startup scripts so that Unit Testing the phing can be done …
(edit) @d90c2b1   5 years simple.square GitCheckoutTask: Final task implementation + related unit tests.
(edit) @3317d5d   5 years simple.square GitFetchTask: allow default source
(edit) @f885edf   5 years simple.square GitFetchTask: task implementation and relative unit tests
(edit) @ffb19ce   5 years simple.square Set svn:keywords properties
(edit) @82994ecf   5 years simple.square Added cleanup routine to ExcludeZip test
(edit) @87ae056   5 years simple.square Added cleanup routine to MoveReplaceRegexp test
(edit) @8110159   5 years simple.square Added cleanup routine to test
(edit) @dc01c87   5 years simple.square Added cleanup routine to test
(edit) @e7379bc   5 years simple.square GitBranchTasks: add move functionality and related unit tests
(edit) @e16694b   5 years simple.square GitBranchTask: added delete functionality and related unit tests
(edit) @fa7b1e3   5 years simple.square GitBranchTask: create branch unit tests
(edit) @7b43bff   5 years simple.square GitBranchTask: task and basic UT layout set
(edit) @089d352   5 years simple.square Rely on predefined constant for absolute path
(edit) @3398543   5 years simple.square Specify output directory in absolute path
(edit) @6d58d50   5 years simple.square Tests updated to use another sample git repo
(edit) @256329a   5 years simple.square purge file used in svn connection testing
(edit) @7c75373   5 years simple.square testing connection
(edit) @b1e66db   5 years simple.square Fixes #524: Both fix and additional UTs added
(edit) @9f2481d   5 years simple.square Refs #524 - Regression tests added
(edit) @5ed9c26   5 years simple.square GitGcTaskTest: cleanup
(edit) @94b36d0   5 years simple.square GitGcTaskTest - test individual paramters UTs
(edit) @82996557   5 years simple.square GitGcTaskTest::testNoRepositorySpecified() UT added
(edit) @1ac99c9   5 years simple.square GitGcTaskTest::testAllParamsSet UT added
(edit) @af290cc   5 years simple.square GitGcTaskTest.xml updated All base tests have been included
(edit) @8bf9e28   5 years simple.square GitGcTask unit tests added
(edit) @642357a   5 years simple.square Updated GitBase test
(edit) @326db66   5 years simple.square GitTasks\GitCloneTask implemented. Both GitCloneTask and required tests …
(edit) @df528c5   5 years simple.square GitTasks: repoDir renamed as repository everywhere
(edit) @3d48cc0   5 years simple.square Cosmetic updates in Git tasks
(edit) @493d622   5 years simple.square Minor fix of target descriptions
(edit) @637ec78   5 years simple.square Additional GinInitTask UT cases
(edit) @95f3b7b   5 years simple.square git-init task initial commit (main file + tests) GitInitTask is …
(edit) @992e1c0   5 years simple.square GitTasks: git init initial objects for the task Task class, unit test, …
(edit) @195bf655   5 years simple.square GitTasks: repoDir option added to base task
(edit) @f8f21538   5 years simple.square GitTask: added mutator/accessor methods for gitpath option Added ability …
(edit) @499ae46   5 years simple.square Added Id property to GitBaseTest
(edit) @cf70721   5 years simple.square Git tasts UTs mockups are runnable
(edit) @ae9e88f   5 years simple.square PHPUnit - reports directory absolute path used (resolved)
(edit) @e6336fb   5 years simple.square Git tasks branch merged - will continue dev from trunk
(edit) @bb0fb35   5 years mrook Auto-create reports dir, uses classlib of Phing installation to prevent …
(edit) @b7c9034   5 years mrook Remove basedir attributes
(edit) @2399c17e   5 years mrook Remove newfile
(edit) @ac7df47   5 years mrook Refs #376 - add special case for boolean values to replacetokens
(edit) @965a0f5   5 years mrook Change package names
(edit) @c4c6b78   5 years mrook Point to main 'etc' directory for stylesheets
(edit) @cd25a3e   5 years mrook Refs #204 - resolve task classes with PEAR naming convention
(edit) @d5bf0c6   5 years mrook Refs #137 #342 - fix inadvertent include of excluded directories
(edit) @3a147e8   5 years mrook Add missing regression file
(edit) @bde2296   5 years mrook Refs #360 - remove html_entity_decode() call, add regression test
(edit) @9bcd67a   5 years mrook Refs #363 - make Phing compatible with PHPUnit 3.4
(edit) @237cb3e   6 years mrook Formatting update, replace all tabs with 4 spaces
(edit) @e69a886   6 years mrook Refs #269 - Allow properties to be recursively named
(edit) @0ce84ab   6 years mrook Remove loading of non-existing file
(edit) @ea8b6f8   6 years mrook Make tests work on Windows machines
(edit) @efdf2f8   6 years mrook Refs #252 - implement fileset support in Foreach task (patch by Christian …
(edit) @491f09ac   6 years mrook Standardize svn:keywords on all PHP files
(edit) @10d50e8   6 years mrook Refs #307 - add test to testsuite
(edit) @b18709b   6 years mrook Halt on failures as well
(edit) @00f93e6   6 years mrook Remove run-tests.php
(edit) @b9c458f   6 years mrook unlink() shouldn't be used static
(edit) @aa19739   6 years mrook Fix method name
(edit) @336f0ec   6 years mrook Add regression tests for tickets #229, #299 and #337
(edit) @6cf32f0   6 years mrook Fix child element in test
(edit) @861c3d8   6 years mrook Fix link to PHPUnit
(edit) @09eb8755   6 years mrook Use PHPUnit3
(edit) @ca7db11   7 years bender Fixed unit test to expect correct exception class.
(edit) @58633c1   7 years bender #247 - New task: Import
(edit) @6a44d0d   7 years bender #248 - Extend taskdef task to allow property file style imports
(edit) @f69b6a8   8 years hans #92 - Fixing inconsistent line endings.
(edit) @b40f089   8 years hans Added some more test resources & a test for FileOutputStream
(edit) @623ef62   8 years hans Cleaning up some unit tests & adding Phing build script for tests.
(edit) @47d9703   8 years hans Closes #70: Create Project class constants for log levels (replacing …
(edit) @4f813dd   9 years mrook Set svn:keywords property on all files
(add) @4ced988   9 years hans Initial checkin
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