Getting Phing

PEAR Installer

The preferred method to install Phing is through PEAR and the Phing PEAR channel. You can install Phing by adding the channel to your PEAR environment and then installing Phing using the phing channel alias and phing package name:

$> pear channel-discover
$> pear install phing/phing

Note: if you would like to use a beta or RC version of Phing, install as follows:

$> pear install phing/phing-beta

Note: if you would like to use snapshots of new versions of Phing, install as follows:

$> pear install phing/phing-alpha

For more info, refer to the PEAR channel.


Phing has a number of (optional) dependencies that, when satisified, enable additional functionality (such as tasks) to use in your build file. In case you want to install Phing with all the dependencies satisfied, use the following command:

$> pear config-set preferred_state alpha
$> pear install --alldeps phing/phing
$> pear config-set preferred_state stable

Full Phing Package

The full Phing package has a more traditional directory organization and contains the full documentation, test scripts, and build.xml files for (e.g.) building the PEAR-installable package. Please download one of the packages below if you would like to install the full Phing package.

Current Stable Release

Previous Stable Release

PHAR package

From version 2.4.10 onwards, Phing also ships with a complete PHAR package.

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