B.2 AdhocTypedefTask

The AdhocTypedefTask allows you to define a datatype within your build file.

Note that you should use <![CDATA[ ... ]]> so that you don't have to quote entities within your <adhoc-type></adhoc-type> tags.

Table B.2: Attributes

name String Name of XML tag that will represent this datatype..n/aYes

B.2.1 Example

<target name="main"
            description="==>test AdhocType">

            <adhoc-type name="dsn"><![CDATA[
            class CreoleDSN extends DataType {
            private $url;

            function setUrl($url) {
            $this->url = $url;

            function getUrl() {
            return $this->url;

            <!-- creole-sql task doesn't exist; just an example -->
            <creole-sql file="test.sql">
            <dsn url="mysql://[email protected]/test"/>