I.4 AnsiColorLogger

The AnsiColorLogger adds color to the standard Phing output by prefixing and suffixing ANSI color code escape sequences to it. It is just an extension of DefaultLogger and hence provides all features that DefaultLogger does.

AnsiColorLogger differentiates the output by assigning different colors depending upon the type of the message.

If used with the -logfile option, the output file will contain all the necessary escape codes to display the text in colorized mode when displayed in the console using applications like cat, more, etc.

This is designed to work on terminals that support ANSI color codes.

If the user wishes to override the default colors with custom ones, a file containing zero or more of the custom color key-value pairs must be created. The recognized keys and their default values are shown below:


Each key takes as value a color combination defined as "Attribute;Foreground;Background". In the above example, background value has not been used.

This file must be specified as the value of a system variable named phing.logger.defaults and passed as an argument using the -D option to the php command that invokes the Phing application. An easy way to achieve this is to add -Dphing.logger.defaults=/path/to/your/file

phing -logger "Phing\Listener\AnsiColorLogger"