C.4 CoverageReportTask

The CoverageReportTask formats a coverage database into a framed HTML report using XSLT. The report can optionally make use of the Generic Syntax Highlighting library, GeSHi (See GeSHi Homepage) library to mark up source code. The path to the library (if not in the default path) can be specified as an attribute.

Table C.4: Attributes

outfileStringThe location for the intermediate XML file.coverage.dbYes
classpathStringAdditional classpath to locate source referenced in the report.n/aNo
geshipathStringPath to GeSHi highlighting library.n/aNo/Yes* If syntax highlighting is to be enabled
geshilanguagespathStringLanguage to use with GeSHi.n/aNo

C.4.1 Example

<coverage-report outfile="reports/coverage.xml">
  <report todir="reports/coverage" styledir="/home/phing/etc"/>

C.4.2 Supported Nested Tags

  • report

    Table C.5: Attributes

    styledirStringThe directory where the stylesheets are located.The etc directory in the Phing installation.No
    todirStringThe directory where the files resulting from the transformation should be written to. Yes
    titleStringTitle of the project (used in the generated document(s)). No
    usesorttableBooleanWhether to use the sorttable JavaScript library (see http://www.kryogenix.org/code/browser/sorttable/).falseNo