B.19 Dirname

Task to determine the directory path of a specified file.

When this task executes, it will set the specified property to the value of the specified file (or directory) up to, but not including, the last path element. If the specified file is a path that ends in a filename, the filename will be dropped. If the specified file is just a filename, the directory will be the current directory.

Note: This is not the same as the UNIX dirname command, which is defined as "strip non-directory suffix from filename". <dirname> determines the full directory path of the specified file.

Table B.19: Attributes

file String The path to take the dirname of.n/ayes
property String The name of the property to set.n/ayes

B.19.1 Example

<dirname property="foo.dirname" file="foo.txt"/>

will set foo.dirname to the project's basedir.