B.20 EchoTask

Echoes a message to the current loggers and listeners which means standard out unless overridden. A level can be specified, which controls at what logging level the message is filtered at.

The task can also echo to a file, in which case the option to append rather than overwrite the file is available, and the level option is ignored

Additionally, the task can echo the contents of a nested fileset element.

Table B.20: Attributes

msgStringThe string that is to be send to the output.n/aYes
messageStringAlias for msg.n/aYes
fileStringThe file to write the message to.n/aNo
appendBooleanAppend to an existing file?falseNo
levelStringControl the level at which this message is reported. One of error, warning, info, verbose, debug.infoNo

B.20.1 Examples

<echo msg="Phing rocks!" />

<echo message="Binarycloud, too." />

<echo>And don't forget Propel.</echo>

<echo file="test.txt" append="false">This is a test message</echo>

Echo a previously defined fileset element.

<fileset dir="./tests" id="test.files">
    <include name="**/*Test.php"/>

    <fileset refid="test.files"/>

B.20.2 Supported Nested Tags