B.24 FailTask

Causes the current build script execution to fail and the script to exit with an (optional) error message.

Table B.26: Attributes

messageStringThe message to display (reason for script abort)."No Message"No
msgStringAlias for message"No Message"No
ifStringName of property that must be set for script to exit.n/aNo
unlessStringName of property that must not be set in order for script to exit.n/aNo
statusIntegerExit using the specified status code; assuming the generated Exception is not caught, PHP will exit with this status.n/aNo

B.24.1 Examples

<!-- Exit w/ message -->
<fail message="Failed for some reason!" />

<!--  Exit if ${errorprop} is defined -->
<fail if="errorprop" message="Detected error!" />

<!-- Exit unless ${dontfail} prop is defined. -->
<fail unless="dontfail" message="Detected error!" />

<!-- Using a condition to achieve the same effect:
<fail message="Detected error!">
            <isset property="dontfail"/>

B.24.2 Parameters specified as nested elements.

As an alternative to the if/unless attributes, conditional failure can be achieved using a single nested <condition> element, which should contain exactly one core or custom condition.