B.24 FailTask

Causes the current build script execution to fail and the script to exit with an (optional) error message.

Table B.26: Attributes

message String The message to display (reason for script abort)."No Message"No
msg String Alias for message"No Message"No
if String Name of property that must be set for script to exit.n/aNo
unless String Name of property that must not be set in order for script to exit. n/aNo
status Integer Exit using the specified status code; assuming the generated Exception is not caught, PHP will exit with this status. n/aNo

B.24.1 Examples

<!-- Exit w/ message -->
<fail message="Failed for some reason!" />

<!--  Exit if ${errorprop} is defined -->
<fail if="errorprop" message="Detected error!" />

<!-- Exit unless ${dontfail} prop is defined. -->
<fail unless="dontfail" message="Detected error!" />

<!-- Using a condition to achieve the same effect:
<fail message="Detected error!">
            <isset property="dontfail"/>

B.24.2 Parameters specified as nested elements.

As an alternative to the if/unless attributes, conditional failure can be achieved using a single nested <condition> element, which should contain exactly one core or custom condition.