D.3 FileList

FileLists offer a way to represent a specific list of files. Unlike FileSets, FileLists may contain files that do not exist on the filesystem. Also, FileLists can represent files in a specific order -- whereas FileSets represent files in whichever order they are returned by the filesystem.

Table D.2:  Attributes for the <filelist> tag

dirStringThe directory, to which the paths given in files or listfile are relative.n/aYes
filesStringComma or space-separated list of files.n/aYes (or listfile)
listfileStringA text file with one filename per line.n/aYes (or files)

D.3.1 Usage Examples

<filelist dir="/etc" files="httpd/conf/httpd.conf,php.ini"/>

Or you can use a listfile, which is expected to contain one filename per line:

<filelist dir="conf/" listfile="ini_files.txt"/>

This will grab each file as listed in ini_files.txt. This can be useful if one task compiles a list of files to process and another task needs to read in that list and perform some action to those files.