C.30 HgLogTask

Show revision history of entire Mercurial repository or files, or limit to a number of revisions. Optionally store the history to a phing property. This is available for PHP 5.4 and higher.

Table C.31: Attributes

formatStringDisplay with template, e.g. "{rev}\n", "{branch}" etc.n/aNo
maxCountIntegerNumber of commits to show/limit.n/aNo
outputPropertyStringProperty name to set output value to from the execution.n/aNo
repositoryStringPath to Mercurial repository.n/aYes
revisionStringShow the specified revision or range.n/aYes

C.30.1 Example

<property name="repo.dir" value="./repo.directory" />
<resolvepath propertyName="repo.dir.resolved" file="${repo.dir}" />
<hglog maxCount="1" format="{files}\n" outputproperty="hgfiles" repository="${repo.dir.resolved}"/>