B.30 IncludePathTask

Modifies the PHP include_path configuration option for the duration of this phing run.

The given path can be prepended (default) or appended to the current include path, or it can replace the include path.

Table B.32: Attributes

classpath String the new include path[s]n/aYes
classPathRef String Reference to a previously defined Path typen/aNo
mode String Whether to prepend, append or replace the include path with the given path. prependNo

B.30.1 Examples

<includepath classpath="new/path/here" />
<includepath classpath="path1:path2" />
<path id="project.class.path">
    <pathelement dir="lib/"/>
    <pathelement dir="ext/"/>
<includepath classpathref="project.class.path"/>