C.40 IoncubeEncoderTask

The IoncubeEncoderTask executes the ionCube encoder (for either PHP4 or PHP5 projects).

For more information on the meaning of the various options please consult the ionCube user guide.

Table C.49: Attributes

allowedserverStringRestricts the encoded files to particular servers and/or domains. Consult the IonCude documentation for more information.noneNo
binaryBooleanWhether to save encoded files in binary format (default is ASCII format)falseNo
copyStringSpecifies files or directories to exclude from being encoded or encrypted and copy them to the target directory (separated by space).noneNo
encodeStringSpecifies additional file patterns, files or directories to encode, or to reverse the effect of copynoneNo
encryptStringSpecify files or directories (space separated list) that are to be encrypted.noneNo
expireinStringSets a period in seconds (s), minutes (m), hours (h) or days (d) after which the files expire. Accepts: 500s or 55m or 24h or 7dnoneNo
expireonStringSets a YYYY-MM-DD date to expire the files.noneNo
fromdirStringPath containing source filesnoneYes
ignoreStringSet files and directories to ignore entirely and exclude from the target directory (separated by space).noneYes
ioncubepathStringPath to the ionCube binaries/usr/local/ioncubeNo
keepStringSet files and directories not to be ignored (separated by space).noneNo
licensepathStringPath to the license file that will be used by the encoded filesnoneNo
nodoccommentsStringOmits documents comments ( /** ... */ ) from the encoded files.noneNo
obfuscationkeyStringThe obfuscation key must be supplied when using the obfuscate optionnoneNo
obfuscateStringThe Encoder can obfuscate the names of global functions, the names of local variables in global functions, and line numbers. Use either all or any of functions, locals or linenos separated by a space.noneNo
optimizeStringControls the optimization of the encoded files, accepts either more or maxnoneNo
passphraseStringThe passphrase to use when encoding with a license filenoneNo
phpversionStringDefines which php encoder version will be used (suffix of the encoder file)5No
targetoptionStringOption to use when target directory exists, accepts replace, merge, update and renamenoneNo
todirStringPath to save encoded files tononeYes
withoutruntimeloadersupportBooleanWhether to disable support for runtime initialization of the ionCube LoaderfalseNo
noshortopentagsBooleanWhether to disable support for short PHP tagsfalseNo
callbackfileStringPath to callback file (.php)n/aNo
obfuscationexclusionsfileStringPath to obfuscation exclusions filen/aNo
ignoredeprecatedwarningsBooleanWhether to ignore deprecated warningsfalseNo
ignorestrictwarningsBooleanWhether to ignore strict warningsfalseNo
allowencodingintosourceBooleanWhether to allow encoding into the source treefalseNo
messageifnoloaderStringA valid PHP expression to customize the "no loader installed" messagen/aNo
actionifnoloaderStringA valid PHP expression to replace the "no loader installed" actionn/aNo
showcommandlineBooleanwhether to show command line before it is executedfalseNo

C.40.1 Example

   copy="*.ini config/*"
   encode="*.inc licenses/license.key"
   encrypt="*.tpl *.xml"
   ignore="*.bak RCS/ *~ docs/"
  <comment>A project encoded with the ionCube encoder.</comment>

C.40.2 Supported Nested Tags

  • comment

    Custom text that is added to the start of each encoded file.