C.50 LiquibaseTask

The LiquibaseTask is a generic task for liquibase commands that don't require extra command parameters. You can run commands like updateSQL, validate or updateTestingRollback with this task but not rollbackToDateSQL since it requires a date parameter after the command.

Table C.59: Attributes

jarStringLocation of the Liquibase jar file.n/aYes
classpathStringAdditional classpath entries.n/aYes
changeLogFileStringLocation of the changelog file in which the changes get written or read from.n/aYes
usernameStringThe username needed to connect to the database.n/aYes
passwordStringThe password needed to connect to the database.n/aYes
urlStringThe JDBC Url representing the database datasource, e.g jdbc:mysql://localhost/mydatabasen/aYes
commandStringWhat liquibase command to run. Currently only supports commands that doesn't require command parameters, such as validate and updateSQL.n/aYes
displayBooleanWhether to display the output of the command. Only used if passthru isn't true.falseNo
passthruBooleanWhether to use PHP's passthru() function instead of exec(). True by default for backwards compatibility. When true, the attributes display, outputProperty and checkReturnare ignored.trueNo
checkreturnBooleanWhether to check the return code of the execution, throws a BuildException when returncode != 0.falseNo
outputPropertyStringProperty name to set output value to from the execution. Ignored if passthru attribute is true.n/aNo

C.50.1 Example

                    <parameter name="logLevel" value="info" />
                    <property name="tablename" value="Person" />

The nested parameters in the example above will result in the command:

        --logLevel='info' updateSQL -Dtablename='Person'

C.50.2 Supported Nested Tags

  • parameter

    Use these nested parameter tags to set optional liquibase commands like --logLevel or --defaultsFile.

    Table C.60: Attributes

    nameStringName of the liquibase parameter. Do not include the '--'.n/aYes
    valueStringValue of the liquibase parameter.n/aYes

  • property

    These tags are used to set what Liquibase calls "Change Log Properties" which are used for substitution in the change log(s). Note that they are not the same thing as regular Phing properties.

    Table C.61: Attributes

    nameStringName of the property. Do not include the '-D'.n/aYes
    valueStringValue of the property.n/aYes