C.58 PHPUnitReport

This task transforms PHPUnit xml reports to HTML using XSLT.

Table C.76: Attributes

infileStringThe filename of the XML results file to use.testsuites.xmlNo
formatStringThe format of the generated report. Must be noframes or frames.noframesNo
styledirStringThe directory where the stylesheets are located. They must conform to the following conventions: frames format: the stylesheet must be named phpunit-frames.xsl. noframes format: the stylesheet must be named phpunit-noframes.xsl. If unspecified, the task will look for the stylesheet(s) in the following directories: the PHP include path, the Phing home directory and the PEAR data directory (if applicable). n/aNo
todirStringAn existing directory where the files resulting from the transformation should be written to. Yes
usesorttableBooleanWhether to use the sorttable JavaScript library (see http://www.kryogenix.org/code/browser/sorttable/)falseNo

C.58.1 Example

<phpunitreport infile="reports/testsuites.xml"

Generates a framed report in the directory reports/tests using the file reports/testsuites.xml as input.

Important note: testclasses that are not explicitly placed in a package (by using a '@package' tag in the class-level DocBlock) are listed under the "default" package.