D.8 PearPackageFileSet

Specialized fileset that represents files of a PEAR package installed on the system. It is useful for collecting dependencies, for example when packing up a phar file with all dependencies.

Table D.7: Attributes for the <pearpackagefileset> tag

packageString Package name, or $channel/$package combination. If only a package name is given, pear.php.net is used as channel. n/aYes
configString Path to PEAR configuration file. If none is given, the system default is used. n/aNo
descfileString package.xml file path. If not given, the local PEAR installation is queried for the package. n/aNo
roleString PEAR file role/category. PEAR supports the following roles: php, doc, data, www, test, script, cfg. You probably want to use php. phpNo

In addition, all attributes of fileset are supported.

D.8.1 Usage Examples

<copy todir="lib/">
    <pearPackageFileset package="pear.php.net/Console_Table"/>

Copy all PHP files of package Console_Table to lib/

D.8.2 Nested tags

The tags that are supported by PearPackageFileset are: