B.42 Phingversion

Stores the Phing version (when used as task) or checks for a specific Phing version (when used as condition).

Table B.44: Attributes

NameTypeDescriptionRequired (Task)Required (Condition)
atleastStringThe version that this at least. The format is major.minor.point.No

One of these.

exactlyStringThe version that this phing is exactly. The format is major.minor.point.No
propertyStringThe name of the property to set.YesNo (ignored)

B.42.1 Example

<phingversion property="phingversion"/>

Stores the current Phing version in the property phingversion.

<phingversion property="phingversion" atleast="2.9"/>

Stores the Phing version in the property phingversion if the current Phing version is 2.9.0 or higher. Otherwise the property remains unset.

<phingversion property="phing-is-exact-292" exactly="2.9.2"/>

Sets the property phing-is-exact-292 if Phing 2.9.2 is running. Neither 2.8.2 nor 2.9.1 would match.