G.7 Present

The <present> tag selects files that have an equivalent file in another directory tree.

The <present> tag supports the use of a contained mapper element to define the location of the file to be compared against. If no mapper element is specified, the identity type mapper is used.

The <present> tag is case-sensitive.

<fileset dir="phing-2.4.6/classes" includes="**/*.php">
  <present present="srconly" targetdir="phing-2.4.5/classes">

Table G.7:  Attributes for the <present> selector

targetdirThe base directory to look for the files to compare against. The precise location depends on a combination of this attribute and the <mapper> element, if any.n/aYes
presentWhether we are requiring that a file is present in the src directory tree only, or in both the src and the target directory tree. Valid values are: srconly - select files only if they are in the src directory tree but not in the target directory tree both - select files only if they are present both in the src and target directory treesbothNo