B.45 PropertyCopy

Copies the value of a named property to another property. This is useful when you need to plug in the value of another property in order to get a property name and then want to get the value of that property name.

Table B.47: Attributes

propertyStringThe name of the property to set.n/aYes
overrideBooleanIf the property is already set, should we change it's value.falseNo
fromStringThe name of the property you wish to copy the value from.n/aYes
silentBooleanDo you want to suppress the error if the "from" property does not exist, and just not set the property "name".falseNo

B.45.1 Example

<property name="org" value="MyOrg" />
                <property name="org.MyOrg.DisplayName" value="My Organiziation" />
                <propertycopy property="displayName" from="org.${org}.DisplayName" />

Sets displayName to "My Organiziation".