B.45 PropertyPromptTask

PropertyPromptTask is a simple task to read in user input into a property. If you need something more advanced, see theSection B.31, “InputTask”.

Table B.47: Attributes

propertyName String The name of the Property to set.n/aYes
promptText String The text to use for the prompt.n/aYes
promptCharacter String The character to use after the prompt.?No
defaultValue String A default value to use (if user just hits enter).n/aNo
useExistingValue String Whether existing property should be used if available. (This will result in user only being prompted if the propertyName property is not already set.) false No

B.45.1 Examples

<propertyprompt propertyName="someprop" defaultValue="/var/www"
promptText="Enter your web root" />