B.38 PropertyPromptTask

PropertyPromptTask is a simple task to read in user input into a property. If you need something more advanced, see the Section B.27, “InputTask ”.

Table B.39: Attributes

propertyNameStringThe name of the Property to set.n/aYes
promptTextStringThe text to use for the prompt.n/aYes
promptCharacterStringThe character to use after the prompt.?No
defaultValueStringA default value to use (if user just hits enter).n/aNo
useExistingValueStringWhether existing property should be used if available. (This will result in user only being prompted if the propertyName property is not already set.)falseNo

B.38.1 Examples

<propertyprompt propertyName="someprop" defaultValue="/var/www"
        promptText="Enter your web root" />