B.46 PropertySelector

Selects property names that match a given regular expression and returns them in a delimited list.

Table B.48: Attributes

property String The name of the property to set.n/aYes
override Boolean If the property is already set, should we change it's value. Can be true or false falseNo
match String The regular expression which is used to select property names for inclusion in the list. This follows the standard regular expression syntax accepted by phing's regular expression tasks. n/aYes
select String A pattern which indicates what selection pattern you want in the returned list. This used the substitution pattern syntax to indicate where to insert groupings created as a result of the regular expression match. \0No
casesensitive String Should the match be case sensitive.trueNo
replace String A regular expression substitition pattern, which will be used to replace the given regular expression in the subject. n/aYes (unless a match is specified)
casesensitive Boolean Should the match be case sensitivetrueNo
delimiter String The delimiter used to separate entries in the resulting property,No
distinct Boolean Should the returned entries be a distinct set (no duplicate entries).falseNo

B.46.1 Select expressions

Expressions are matched in a the same syntax as a regular expression substitution pattern.

  • $0 indicates the entire property name (default).

  • $1 indicates the first grouping

  • $2 indicates the second grouping

  • etc...

B.46.2 Example

<property name="package.ABC.name" value="abc pack name" />
<property name="package.DEF.name" value="def pack name" />
<property name="package.GHI.name" value="ghi pack name" />
<property name="package.JKL.name" value="jkl pack name" />

<propertyselector property="pack.list"
    casesensitive="false" />