B.53 ResolvePathTask

The ResolvePathTask turns a relative path into an absolute path, with respect to specified directory or the project basedir (if no dir attribute specified).

This task is useful for turning a user-defined relative path into an absolute path in cases where buildfiles will be called in different directories. Without this task, buildfiles lower in the directory tree would mis-interpret the user-defined relative paths.

Table B.55: Attributes

fileStringThe file or directory path to resolve.n/aYes
dirFileThe base directory to use when resolving "file".project.basedirNo
propertyNameStringThe name of the property to set with resolved (absolute) path.n/aYes
levelStringControl the level at which status messages are reported. One of error, warning, info, verbose, debug.verboseNo

B.53.1 Examples

<property name="relative_path" value="./dirname"/>

<resolvepath propertyName="absolute_path" file="${relative_path}"/>

<echo>Resolved [absolute] path: ${absolute_path}</echo>