C.69 S3GetTask

Downloads an object from Amazon S3. This task requires the PEAR package Services_Amazon_S3

Table C.92: Attributes

keyStringAmazon S3 keyn/aYes (or defined before task call as: amazon.key)
secretStringAmazon S3 secretn/aYes (or defined before task call as: amazon.secret)
bucketStringBucket containing the objectn/aYes (or defined before task call as: amazon.bucket)
objectStringObject namen/aYes
targetStringWhere to store the object after downloadn/aYes

C.69.1 Example

Downloading an object

<s3get object="file.txt" target="${project.basedir}" bucket="mybucket"
key="AmazonKey" secret="AmazonSecret" />

You can also define "bucket, key, secret" outside of the task call:

<property name="amazon.key" value="my_key" />
<property name="amazon.secret" value="my_secret" />
<property name="amazon.bucket" value="mybucket" />

<s3get object="file.txt" target="${project.basedir}" />