G.9 Size

The <size> tag selects files matching a specified size limit.

<fileset dir="${src}">
  <size value="4" when="more"/>

Table G.9:  Attributes for the <size> selector

valueThe size of the file which should be tested for.n/aYes
unitsThe units that the value attribute is expressed in. When using the standard single letter SI designations, such as "k","M", or "G", multiples of 1000 are used. If you want to use power of 2 units, use the IEC standard: "Ki" for 1024, "Mi" for 1048576, and so on. The default is no units, which means the value attribute expresses the exact number of bytes.n/aNo
whenIndicates how to interpret the size, whether the files to be selected should be larger, smaller, or equal to that value. Accepted values are: less - select files less than the indicated size more - select files greater than the indicated size equal - select files this exact size equalNo