C.73 SmartyTask

A task for generating output by using Smarty.

Table C.97: Attributes

controlTemplateStringThe control template used to generate the output.noneYes
templatePathStringThe path where Smarty will look for templates.noneYes
outputDirectoryStringThe output directory, will be created if it doesn't exist.noneYes
compilePathStringThe path Smarty uses as a "cache" for compiled templates.noneNo
forceCompileBooleanWhether Smarty should always recompile templates.falseNo
configPathStringThe path where Smarty will look for config files.noneNo
leftDelimiterStringThe template left delimiter.noneNo
rightDelimiterStringThe template right delimiter.noneNo
contextPropertiesStringThe path to a property file that will be fed into the initial template context.noneNo