B.41 Subphing Task

Calls a given target for all defined sub-builds. This is an extension of Phing for bulk project execution. This task must not be used outside of a target if it invokes the same build file it is part of.

subphing uses phing task internally so many things said in phing's manual page apply here as well.

Table B.43: Attributes

genericphingfilePhingFileBuild file path, to use in conjunction with directories. Use genericphingfile, in order to run the same build file with different basedirs. If this attribute is set, phingfile is ignored.n/aNo
inheritAllBooleanCorresponds to <phing>'s inheritall attribute but defaults to "false" in this task.falseNo
inheritRefsBooleanCorresponds to <phing>'s inheritrefs attribute.falseNo
buildpathPathSet the buildpath to be used to find sub-projects.n/aNo
phingFileStringBuild file name, to use in conjunction with directories.build.xml, ignored if genericphingfile is set.No
targetStringThe target to execute. Default is the new sub-project's default target.n/aNo
failonerrorBooleanSets whether to fail with a build exception on error, or go on.trueNo
verboseBooleanEnable/disable log messages showing when each sub-build path is entered/exited.falseNo

B.41.1 Supported Nested Tags