C.86 SvnLogTask

The SvnLogTask stores the output of a svn log command on a workingcopy or repositoryurl in a property. The result will be stored in an array, one string that is separated by ' | ' (in words: space pipe space) for easy parsing.

Table C.114: Attributes

svnpathStringPath to Subversion binary/usr/bin/svnNo
workingcopyStringWorking copy directorynoneOne of the two
repositoryurlStringURL of remote repositorynone
usernameStringA username used to connect to the SVN servernoneNo
passwordStringA password used to connect to the SVN servernoneNo
propertynameStringName of property to usesvn.listNo
limitIntegerLimits the number of items to get back from the commandn/aNo
configOptionStringOverride subversion's config optionn/aNo

C.86.1 Example

<svnlog svnpath="/usr/bin/svn"
            workingcopy="/home/user/svnwc" propertyname="svn.log"/>
<svnlog svnpath="/usr/bin/svn"
            repositoryurl="http://svn.example.com/myrepo/trunk" limit="10" />

The latter example could produce a history of the latest revisions in the trunk:

4033 | tony  | 2011-05-23T14:21:12.496274Z  | some svn commit comment
            4032 | tony  | 2011-05-23T13:24:46.496265Z  | some svn commit comment
            4031 | tony  | 2011-05-23T09:23:28.093167Z  | some svn commit comment