C.91 SymfonyConsoleTask

Executes Symfony2 console commands

Table C.117: Attributes

commandStringThe Symfony Console command to executen/aYes
consoleStringThe path to symfony console applicationbin/consoleNo
debugBooleanThe symfony cli debug modetrueNo
silentBooleanDisable task output except errors. Use in conjunction with additional output helper like Symfonys ProgressBarfalseNo
propertyNameStringThe name of the property to store the application output inn/aNo
checkReturnBooleanWhether to check the return code.falseNo

C.91.1 Examples

Simple example

<SymfonyConsole command="cache:clear"/>

Complex example

<SymfonyConsole command="cache:warmup">
  <arg name="env" value="prod" />
  <arg value="some/path/or/single/value" quotes="true">

C.91.2 Supported Nested Tags

  • arg

    Table C.118: Attributes

    nameStringthe name for this argument, -- will be appendedn/aNo
    valueStringthe value for the argumentn/aNo
    quotesStringset to true if the value should be enclosed in double quotesfalseNo