B.59 SymlinkTask

Creates symlink(s) to a specified file / directory or a collection of files / directories.

Table B.62: Attributes

target String What you're trying to symlink fromn/aYes (or nested FileSet)
link String Where you'd like the symlink(s)n/aYes
overwrite Boolean Whether to override the symlink if it exists but points to a different location false No
relative Boolean Whether to create relative symlinks false No

B.59.1 Example

Single symlink

<symlink target="/path/to/original/file" link="/where/to/symlink" />

Using filesets

<symlink link="/where/to/symlink">
    <fileset dir="/some/directory">
        <include name="*" />

In the fileset example, assuming the contents of "/some/directory" were:

  • Somedir

  • somefile

Then the contents of "/where/to/symlink" would be:

  • Somedir -> /some/directory/Somedir

  • somefile -> /some/directory/somefile

B.59.2 Supported Nested Tags