B.63 ThrowTask

Extension of build in FailTask that can throw an exception that is given by a reference. This may be useful if you want to rethrow the exception that has been caught by a TryCatchTask in the <catch> block.

Table B.66: Attributes

refidStringId of the referenced exception.n/aNo


In addition, all attributes of the FailTask are supported.

B.63.1 Example

<target name="tryCatchThrow">
                <trycatch property="foo" reference="bar">

                <echo>In <catch>.</echo>

                <echo>In <finally>.</echo>

                <echo>As property: ${foo}</echo>
                <property name="baz" refid="bar" />
                <echo>From reference: ${baz}</echo>

                <echo>Throw ...</echo>
                <throw refid="bar" />