B.66 TstampTask

Sets the DSTAMP, TSTAMP, and TODAYproperties in the current project. By default, the DSTAMP property is in the format "%Y%m%d", TSTAMP is in the format "%H%M", and TODAY is in the format "%B %d %Y". Use the nested <format> element to specify a different format.

These properties can be used in the build-file, for instance, to create time-stamped filenames, or used to replace placeholder tags inside documents to indicate, for example, the release date. The best place for this task is probably in an initialization target.

the magic property phing.tstamp.now can be used to specify a fixed date value in order to create reproducible builds. Its value must be a number and is interpreted as seconds since the epoch (midnight 1970-01-01). With phing.tstamp.now.iso you could also specify that value in DateTime compatible format. If you specify a value in an invalid format an INFO message will be logged and the value will be ignored.

Table B.70: Attributes

prefix String Prefix used for all properties set.n/aNo

B.66.1 Examples


sets the standard DSTAMP, TSTAMP, and TODAY properties according to the default formats.

    <format property="DATE" pattern="%c" locale="nl_NL"/>

sets the standard properties as well as the property DATE with the date/time pattern "%c" using the Dutch locale.

<tstamp prefix="start"/>

sets three properties with the standard formats, prefixed with "start.": start.DSTAMP, start.TSTAMP, and start.TODAY.

B.66.2 Supported Nested Tags

  • format

    The Tstamp task supports a <format> nested element that allows a property to be set to the current date and time in a given format. The date/time patterns are as defined in the PHP strftime() function.

Table B.71: Attributes

property String The property to receive the date/time string in the given pattern.n/aYes
pattern String The date/time pattern to be used. The values are as defined by the PHP strftime() function. n/aYes
locale String The locale used to create date/time string. For more information see the PHP setlocale() function. n/aNo
timezone String The timezone to use for displaying time.n/aNo