C.93 UntarTask

The UntarTask unpacks one or more tar archives.

Table C.120: Attributes

fileStringArchive filenamen/aNo
todirStringDirectory to unpack the archive(s) tononeYes
removepathStringPath to remove from files in the archive(s)noneNo
forceExtractBooleanWhen set to false, only extract files if the destination does not exist yet or is older than the archive. When set to true, always extract files.falseNo
preservePermissionsBooleanWhen set to true, preserve permissions (mode, uid, gid) as set in the tar file..falseNo

C.93.1 Example

<untar file="testtar.tar.gz" todir="dest">
  <fileset dir=".">
    <include name="*.tar.gz"/>
    <include name="*.tar"/>

C.93.2 Supported Nested Tags