C.99 ZSDTPackTask

The zsdtPackTask Create a package with the help of the ZendServer Deployment Tool. The pack options should contain pointers to the application data directory, the package descriptor file, and the package scripts directory.

Table C.129: Attributes

packageStringA directory containing the data and the script directories, in addition to the package descriptor file.noneYes
scriptsStringThe directory which contains the package deployment scripts. The Deployment Tool will search this directory for the expected files (as described in section 2.2.1) and then packs them.noneYes
descriptorStringThe package descriptor file.noneYes
sourceStringThe directory that contains the application resources (PHP sources, JavaScript, etc.). The directory's internal structure must match the necessary structure for the application to be functional.noneNo
outputStringThe directory in which the package is created. The package name will be created as app-name-app-version.zpk".noneNo
lintBooleanPerforms a PHP lint test on the deployment scripts before creating the package.falseNo
phpbinStringThe PHP executable to use for lint.noneNo (Yes if option lint is set to true)
schemaStringThe path to the package descriptor schema used for validation.noneNo

C.99.1 Example

<zsdtpack lint="true"
          phpbin="path/to/php" />