International Standards

[osi-model] OSI (Open System Interconnect) Model. . .

[xml10-spec] W3C XML 1.0 Specifications. .

[unicode] Unicode. .


[gnu-lgpl] The GPL (Gnu Lesser Public License). .

[gnu-fdl] The Gnu FDL (Free Documentation License), the license used for this documentation. .

Open Source Projects

[pear ] PEAR (Php Extension Archive Repository). .

[ant ] Ant, a Java Build Tool, the main inspiration for Phing. .

[gnumake ] GNU make, an inspiration for Phing. .

[php ] The PHP homepage - PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. .

[phing ] Phing (PHing Is Not Gnumake). .


[svn-howto ] Version Control with Subversion (free book). .

[git-book] Pro-git (free book). .

Other Resources

[javadoc ] Sun Javadoc. .