3.2 Obtaining Phing

Phing is free software distributed under the terms of the LGPL.

3.2.1 Distribution Files

There are several ways to get a Phing distribution package. If you do not want to participate in developing Phing itself it is recommended that you get the latest snapshot or stable packaged distribution. If you are interested in helping with Phing development, register an account at GitHub as described below.

The easiest way to obtain the distribution package is to visit the Phing website [phing] and download the current distribution package in the format you desire.

3.2.2 Composer Install

The preferred method to install Phing is through Composer. Add phing/phing to the require-dev or require of your project's `composer.json` configuration file, and run composer install:

    "require-dev": {
        "phing/phing": "3.*"

3.2.3 Phar package

Download the Phar archive. You do not need to execute any additional commands to install Phing, downloading the archive is enough. Phing can simply be started by running:

$ php phing-latest.phar [parameters ...]

3.2.4 Getting the latest source from Phing's Github repository

The latest snapshot can always be downloaded directly the official Phing Git repository. However, be warned that there is not guarantee that the momentous state of the repository represents a completely stable application without any problems.

You can download a snapshot as a zip-tarball from: