A.2 Command Line Arguments

The following table lists the command line arguments currently available.

Table A.2: Phing Command Line Arguments

-h -helpDisplay the help screen
-l -listList all available targets in buildfile (excluding targets that have their hidden attribute set to true)
-i -init [file]Generates an initial buildfile at Phing's start directory. Optionally you can specify buildfile's location and name.
-v -versionPrint version information and exit
-q -quietQuiet operation, no output at all
-S -silentPrint nothing but task outputs and build failures
-verboseVerbose, give some more output
-debugOutput debug information
-emacs -eProduce logging information without adornments
-diagnosticsPrint diagnostics information
-longtargetsShow target descriptions during build
-logfile <file>Use given file for log
-logger path.to.LoggerSpecify an alternate logger. Default is Phing\Listener\AnsiColorLogger. Other options include Phing\Listener\NoBannerLogger, Phing\Listener\DefaultLogger, Phing\Listener\XmlLogger, Phing\Listener\TargetLogger and Phing\Listener\HtmlColorLogger.
-f -buildfile <file>Specify an alternate buildfile name. Default is build.xml
-D<property>=<value>Set the property to the specified value to be used in the buildfile
-keep-going -kExecute all targets that to not depend on failed target(s)
-propertyfile <file>Load properties from the specified file
-find <file>Search for a buildfile towards the root of the filesystem and use that
-inputhandler <file>The class to use to handle user input. Default is \Phing\Input\ConsoleInputHandler. Other options are \Phing\Input\NoInteractionInputHandler or an own implementation of InputHandler.