C.3 ComposerTask

The ComposerTask runs the Composer tool (http://getcomposer.org) directly from Phing.

Table C.3: Attributes

phpStringPath to the PHP interpreterDefaults to the ${php.interpreter} property which is the interpreter used to execute phing itself.No
composerStringPath to Composer.composer.pharNo
commandStringThe Composer command to execute.n/aNo

C.3.1 Supported Nested Tags

  • arg

    Table C.4: Attributes

    valueStringA single command-line argument; can contain space characters.n/aOne of these
    fileStringThe name of a file as a single command-line argument; will be replaced with the absolute filename of the file.n/a
    pathStringA string that will be treated as a path-like string as a single command-line argument; you can use ; or : as path separators and Phing will convert it to the platform's local conventions.n/a
    lineStringA space-delimited list of command-line arguments.n/a