C.105 SymfonyConsoleTask

Executes Symfony2 console commands

Table C.138: Attributes

commandStringThe Symfony Console command to executen/aYes
consoleStringThe path to symfony console applicationapp/consoleNo
debugBooleanThe symfony cli debug modetrueNo
propertyNameStringThe name of the property to store the application output inn/aNo
checkReturnBooleanWhether to check the return code.falseNo

C.105.1 Examples

Simple example

<SymfonyConsole command="cache:clear"/>

Complex example

<SymfonyConsole command="cache:warmup">
  <arg name="env" value="prod" />
  <arg value="some/path/or/single/value" quotes="true">

C.105.2 Supported Nested Tags

  • arg

    Table C.139: Attributes

    nameStringthe name for this argument, -- will be appendedn/aNo
    valueStringthe value for the argumentn/aNo
    quotesStringset to true if the value should be enclosed in double quotesfalseNo