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#1219 stripphpcomments matches links in html mrook defect major phing-core 2.12.0
#1230 JsHintTask fails when reporter attribute is not set defect major phing-tasks-ext 2.13.0
#1240 PHPUnitReportTask fails with XSLTProcessor::importStylesheet() unable to read phar:/usr/local/bin/phing/etc/str.replace.function.xsl defect minor phing-tasks-phpunit 2.13.0
#1252 CopyTask can't copy to Windows network drive defect minor phing-tasks-system 2.14.0
#1255 Wrong exit code when running shell command “git pull” in sshTask defect minor phing-tasks-ext 2.14.0
#1182 add task for git archive or git checkout-index mrook enhancement low phing-core 2.10.1
#1195 Allow available to check if every file in a filelist exists mrook enhancement low phing-core 2.11.0
#1124 Relative symlinks mrook enhancement tbd phing-core 2.8.2
#1213 Unit test for various Git and SVN related tasks fails if locale is not 'en' or 'C' mrook defect tbd phing-core devel
#1215 Tests fail under windows mrook defect tbd phing-core 2.12.0
#1229 Add a new task for Sonarqube runner mrook enhancement tbd phing-tasks-ext 2.11.0
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