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#562 No errors in batch test while having errors in indivudual tests victor defect critical phing-tasks-phpunit 2.4.1
#633 Using booleans as string values leads to strange results mp defect critical phing-core 2.4.4
#1116 Phing pollutes the global namespace causing rampant 'Cannot redeclare class' mrook defect critical phing-core 2.8.1
#188 Add namespaces to Phing hans enhancement major phing-core 2.3.0
#232 Multiple parameters for foreach task mrook enhancement major phing-core 2.3.0
#281 Integrate SPL into Phing alexeyshockov enhancement major phing-core
#309 startdir and 'current directory' not the same when build.xml not in current directory mrook defect major documentation devel
#320 Resolve references to forward property declarations mp enhancement major phing-core 2.3.2
#383 IfTask boolean issues with predefined properties mp defect major phing-core 2.3.3
#469 There is something weird in copyTask mrook defect major phing-tasks-system 2.4.0
#511 Properties not being set on subsequent sets. mrook defect major phing-core
#535 <phpunit> task shares phing classes with my project (overriding mine) mrook defect major phing-tasks-phpunit 2.4.1
#545 Add RsyncDeployTask mrook task major phing-tasks-ext 2.4.2
#586 includePath using project.basedir is failing under certain conditions mrook defect major phing-tasks-system 2.4.1
#620 CR: Imported target namespaces should not depend on targets existing in buildfile mp enhancement major phing-core 2.4.4
#637 Invalid property override mp defect major phing-tasks-system 2.4.4
#749 Modify Version Task for more flexibility mrook enhancement major phing-tasks-ext 2.4.6
#763 Refactoring: move tasks with no external dependencies to phing.tasks.system mrook task major phing-tasks-ext 2.4.6
#918 phing should get a strict mode mrook enhancement major phing-core 2.4.12
#408 Rewrite docs using docbook mrook enhancement minor documentation 2.3.3
#437 New PHPUnit Task mrook enhancement minor phing-tasks-phpunit 2.4.0
#495 "true" not handled consistently <equals ... arg2="true"> should be the same as <istrue ...>? mp feedback minor phing-core 2.4.0
#507 PHP fatal error during testing crashes PHING mrook enhancement minor phing-core 2.4.1
#556 Aliases for targets victor enhancement minor phing-core 2.4.2
#571 Support comma to separate expressions in DirectoryScanner.php mrook enhancement minor phing-core 2.4.2
#615 Taskdef invoked even when inside an unused target mrook defect minor phing-tasks-system 2.4.4
#764 Refactoring: use PHP_CodeCoverage to improve/replace coverage-setup/coverage-merger tasks mrook enhancement minor phing-tasks-phpunit 2.4.6
#1164 Implement (optional) compatibility layer mrook enhancement minor phing-core devel
#711 Many unit tests fail when depended-on packages are not installed mrook defect tbd phing-core devel
#724 Matching base directory for a fileset mrook defect tbd phing-core 2.4.5
#826 PropertyTask should merge properties that are arrays mp defect tbd phing-core devel
#855 Using parse_ini_file function for property files mrook enhancement tbd phing-core devel
#864 Find build.xml file in parent directory tree mrook enhancement tbd phing-core 2.4.9
#1098 Drop PHP 5.2 compatibility mrook task tbd phing-core 2.7.0
#1209 Phingcall should have the options returnProperty mrook enhancement tbd phing-core 2.11.0
#1233 Create "exec" version of PHPUnit Task enhancement tbd phing-tasks-phpunit 2.13.0
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