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#693 *ALL* phing tar archives are corrupted!!! mrook defect blocker phing-core 2.4.5
#1117 security issue with trac installation mrook defect critical phing-core devel
#464 Hidden Xdebug dependency mrook defect major phing-tasks-system 2.4.1
#505 phing install fails with pear and xampp on windows 7 mrook defect major phing-core 2.4.1
#532 Attachment test mrook defect major documentation
#538 Mention Phing irc and twitter feeds mrook defect major phing-core
#643 preferences lost between two trac domains mrook enhancement major documentation devel
#878 AttributeError: 'Popen' object has no attribute 'terminate' mrook defect major phing-core
#883 Skin for PEAR Channel mrook enhancement major documentation 2.4.12
#1043 PDF download documentation mrook defect major documentation 2.6.1
#1058 Installation via Pear fails with "but it's not a valid package archive" mrook defect major phing-core devel
#424 Provide devel snapshot PEAR package mrook enhancement minor phing-core 2.3.3
#714 Add documentation search mrook defect minor documentation 2.4.5
#721 Links in closing ticket emails not clickable mrook defect minor phing-core 2.4.5
#827 Migrate sources to github mrook task minor phing-core 2.4.8
#830 Cannot access Phing from command line with Non-PEAR install mrook defect minor phing-core 2.4.8
#839 Provide Phing PHAR package mrook task minor phing-core
#1113 Include (most used) dependencies in phar mrook enhancement minor phing-core 2.8.0
#1210 Dead link mrook enhancement low documentation devel
#889 AttributeError: 'Popen' object has no attribute 'terminate' mrook defect tbd phing-core 2.4.12
#998 provide news + stable releases feed mrook task tbd documentation 2.5.0
#1109 Wikipedia mrook feedback tbd phing-core 2.7.0
#1165 Consider switching tickets/issues over to GitHub mrook feedback tbd phing-core
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