How to Contribute

There are a number of ways that you can get involved in Phing development.

  • Create custom components.
    Phing is a component-based framework. You can create custom Tasks, Mappers, Filters, Types, etc. In most cases, we'll be happy to include your work in future releases.
  • Help us spot & fix bugs.
    We know there are bugs in less-used areas of Phing. See Reporting Bugs for more information on how to report bugs.
  • Write documentation.
    We can always use better documentation. Currently the user guide is written using XHTML and there are a few XSLT stylesheets for building the TOC. It's easy to edit using a WYSIWYG editor or even just plain text editor and we can create PDFs using htmldoc.
  • Contribute to the Wiki.
    Of course you can also contribute to this site, for example by adding documentation, etc. Send a message to the development mailing list to request an account.
  • Talk to us on IRC.
    The core contributors can usually be found on #phing on
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