Report a Bug

We greatly appreciate it when users report bugs or come up with feature requests.

All you need to do is click New Ticket in the navigation bar on the top.

However, there are a few guidelines you should observe before submitting a new ticket:

Support and Installation Issues

Support and installation questions should be asked on the mailing lists or IRC channel, not filed as tickets. Be sure to review the mailing list archives first, as a lot of common installation issues are already covered there.

Make sure the ticket has not already been submitted

Start by using the search feature to see if anyone has already created a ticket. You can also click on View Tickets and then All Tickets By Milestone (Including closed) to verify that your issue or feature request is not already in the database. Please also check if the issue or request is among the closed tickets, maybe it is not bug or has already been fixed/implemented in a newer version or the Phing source.

Other things to consider

  • Make sure the data you entered is correct
    Please check the data in the input form twice to be sure that all the information regarding component, milestone etc is correct. Also try to provide keywords if you can.
  • Give a good description of the problem
    This also includes the necessary steps to reproduce the problem!
  • If you have a solution - please tell us!
    This doesn't have to be code. We appreciate any help, code snippets, hints etc that can help us to resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance!

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