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Phing 2.15.0 released!

Phing 2.15.0 was just released! This release contains the following new or improved functionality:

  • Phing can now emit a specific status code on exit after failing
  • Added IsPropertyTrue/IsPropertyFalse conditions
  • Added IsWritable / IsReadable selectors
  • Added GitDescribe task
  • Added CutDirs mapper
  • Line breaks in property files on Windows machines fixed
  • FileSync task now supports excluding multiple files/directories
  • Various typo and bug fixes, documentation updates

The following tickets were closed in this release:

  • 1263 Error in SassTask on PHP 7
  • 1262 Fatal error in SassTask when Sass gem is not installed
  • 1259 PHP_CLASSPATH Enviroment Variable
  • 1258 ApigenTask issue
  • 1257 The phpunit-code-coverage version 4.x breaks the phing-tasks-phpunit component
  • 1254 ftpdeploy : [PHP Error] require_once(PEAR.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory [line 251 of site\vendor\phing\phing\src\Task\Ext\FtpDeploy.php]
  • 1253 Phing gitlog task not return last commit when committer's system time is set forward
  • 1249 First tstamp task is generating wrong timestamp
  • 1247 IsProperty(True/False)Condition doesn't support the 'name' attribute
  • 1246 FailTask with nested condition always fails
  • 1243 Command line argument with "|" character must be quoted
  • 1238 Add documentation for Smarty and ReplaceRegexp tasks
  • 566 Add Mercurial support

Phing releases and release numbers follow the Semantic Versioning ( principle.

A complete list of tickets can be found via

For a complete history of Phing, visit our GitHub page at

Please report any issues you find in the Phing bug tracker!


To install the new version of Phing, choose one of the following options:

  • Using PEAR:
    $> pear channel-discover
    $> pear install phing/phing

Or, manually download the package and install using:

$> pear install phing-2.15.0.tgz
  • Composer:
        "require": {
            "phing/phing": "2.15.0"

Thanks for using Phing!

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