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Phing 2.15.2 released!

Phing 2.15.2 was just released! This release fixes a regression introduced in 2.15.1:

Phing releases and release numbers follow the Semantic Versioning ( principle.

A complete list of tickets can be found via

For a complete history of Phing, visit our GitHub page at

Please report any issues you find in the issue tracker at


To install the new version of Phing, choose one of the following options:

  • Using PEAR:
    $> pear channel-discover
    $> pear install phing/phing

Or, manually download the package and install using:

$> pear install phing-2.15.2.tgz
  • Composer:
        "require": {
            "phing/phing": "2.15.2"

Thanks for using Phing!

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