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Phing 2.4.13 released!

Phing 2.4.13 was just released, updating the composer package, adding a phploc task and improved support for phpDocumentor 2 and IonCube 7, improving the unit tests, fixing the documentation in a number of places, and addressing the following issues:

  • #933 PHPLoc 1.7 broken
  • #931 PHP_CodeSniffer throws errors with CodeSniffer 1.4.0
  • #929 Can not pass empty string (enclosed in double quotes) as exec task argument
  • #928 Fatal error with ZipTask when zip extension is not loaded
  • #927 PHPCPD upgrade breaks PHPCPD task
  • #926 FtpDeployTask: Missing features and patch for them (chmod and only change if different)
  • #925 Problem with spaces in error redirection path.
  • #924 Update to PEAR::VersionControl_SVN 0.5.0
  • #922 Introduce build file property that contains the build file's directory
  • #915 path with special characters does not delete
  • #909 Replace DIR
  • #905 Add filterchain support to the property task
  • #904 TarTask should raise error if zlib extension not installed
  • #903 Cannot redeclare class phpDocumentor\Bootstrap
  • #902 SvnBaseTask and subversion 1.7
  • #901 phpunitreport create html's classes files in wrong folder
  • #900 phpdoc2 example has error
  • #895 error in includepath when calling more than once
  • #893 Phing will run bootstrap before first task but clean up autoloader before second task
  • #892 Concatenate property lines ending with backslash
  • #891 Symfony console task: space within the arguments, not working on windows
  • #890 Allow custom child elements
  • #888 Documentation error for CvsTask setfailonerror
  • #886 Error throwing in PDOSQLExecTask breaking trycatch
  • #884 svnlist fails on empty directories
  • #882 Dbdeploy does not retrieve changelog number with oracle
  • #881 Silent fail on delete tasks
  • #880 Add phploc task
  • #867 phpcpd task should check external dep in main()
  • #866 Code coverage not showing "not executed" lines
  • #863 MoveTask ignores fileset
  • #845 GrowlNotifyTask to be notified on long-task when they are finished
  • #813 Allow custom conditions
  • #751 Allow loading of phpunit.xml in phpunit task
  • #208 ReplaceRegexp problem with newline as replace string

A complete list of tickets can be found via

For a complete history of Phing, visit our GitHub page at

Please report any issues you find in the Phing bug tracker!


To install the new version of Phing, choose one of the following options:

  • Using PEAR:
    $> pear channel-discover
    $> pear install phing/phing

Or, manually download the package and install using:

$> pear install phing-2.4.13.tgz
  • PHAR package
    • Starting with 2.4.12, a complete PHAR package of Phing is provided
    • Download the new PHAR package and execute:
      $> php phing-2.4.13.phar
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