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Phing 2.4.14 released!

Phing 2.4.14 was just released, addressing the following issues:

  • #944 phing/phingdocs bad md5sum
  • #943 If task with "equals" directly in "project" tag does not work
  • #942 Typo in tasks/ext/dbdeploy/DbmsSyntaxOracle.php
  • #939 Add username/password to svn info/lastrevision/list/log task docs
  • #938 XSLT filter fails when libxslt security present in php

Starting from this version, Phing releases and release numbers will follow the Semantic Versioning ( principle.

A complete list of tickets can be found via

For a complete history of Phing, visit our GitHub page at

Please report any issues you find in the Phing bug tracker!


To install the new version of Phing, choose one of the following options:

  • Using PEAR:
    $> pear channel-discover
    $> pear install phing/phing

Or, manually download the package and install using:

$> pear install phing-2.4.14.tgz
  • PHAR package
    • Starting with 2.4.12, a complete PHAR package of Phing is provided
    • Download the new PHAR package and execute:
      $> php phing-2.4.14.phar
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