B.10 Bindtargets

Make some target the extension of some defined extension point. It will make the list of targets dependencies of the extension point.

This target is useful when you want to have a target to participate in another build workflow which explicitly exposes an extension point for that kind of insertion. Thus the target to bind and the extension point to bind to are both declared in some imported build files. But directly modifying the target dependency graph of these external build files may have a side effect on some other project which imports them. This task helps to modify the target dependencies but only in your context.

Table B.12: Attributes

targets String a comma separated list of target names to bind.n/aYes
extensionPoint String the name of the extension point to bind the targets to.n/aYes
onMissingExtensionPoint String What to do if this target tries to extend a missing extension-point: "fail", "warn", "ignore". fail No

B.10.1 Examples

<bindtargets targets="build-phar,build-src-phar" extensionPoint="dist"/>