B.11 ChmodTask

Sets the mode of a file or directory.

For more informations, see chmod in the PHP Manual.

Table B.13: Attributes

fileStringThe name of the file or directory. You either have to specify this attribute, or use a fileset.n/aYes
modeStringThe new mode (octal) for the file. Specified in octal, even if the first digit is not a '0'.n/aYes
quietBooleanSet quiet mode, which suppresses warnings if chmod() failsfalseNo
failonerrorBooleanThis flag means 'note errors to the output, but keep going'trueNo
verboseBooleanGive more information in error message in case of a failuretrueNo

B.11.1 Examples

<chmod file="test.txt" mode="0755" />
<chmod file="/home/test" mode="0775" />
<chmod file="/home/test/mine.txt" mode="0500" verbose="true" />

B.11.2 Supported Nested Tags