B.12 ChownTask

Changes the owner of a file or directory.

Table B.14: Attributes

file String The name of the file or directory. You either have to specify this attribute, or use a fileset. n/aYes
user String The new owner of the file. Can contain a username and a groupname, separated by a dot. n/aNo
group String The new group owner of the file.n/aNo
quiet Boolean Set quiet mode, which suppresses warnings if chmod() fails false No
failonerror Boolean This flag means 'note errors to the output, but keep going' true No
verbose Boolean Give more information in error message in case of a failure true No

B.12.1 Examples

<chown file="my-file.txt" user="foo" />
<chown file="my-file.txt" user="username.groupname" />
<chown file="/home/test/my-directory" user="bar" />
<chown file="/home/test/my-file.txt" user="foo"
       verbose="true" failonerror="false" />

B.12.2 Supported Nested Tags